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Read about what our endorsed Traders have to say about the
Which? Trusted Traders scheme below. Find out more and join today.

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Timberwise (UK) Limited


We became a Which Trusted Trader in 2016 to add strength to our position within the marketplace. Although well established in the UK market, our Which accreditation reinforces our brand values of Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, and Teamwork and sends a clear message to our customers of our commitment to provide them with the best possible experience. 

Watch Timberwise's video testimonial about why they joined Which? Trusted Traders

24 Mar 2022
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Regal Kitchens Ltd

Which is the most trusted name in the industry and has been for decades, customers know that if a company has been endorsed by which they have a ‘gold standard’ of expectation. A lot of our customers are very discerning and so they value the input and value of Which. Being endorsed by Which helps us to separate ourselves from all local competitors and we feel that we have met their high standards.

22 Feb 2022
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Access4Lofts Liverpool North


Being part of such a well known endorsement like Which? Is a major selling point for our company. As it is such a vigorous process to be approved, customers know that when they see the logo on our adverts, they are dealing with a trustworthy and reliable trader.

WTT stands out because of the calibre of people accepted on to the scheme and it is recognised nationally by everyone. Having the logo on our vans and uniforms drives us on to continue to be the best at what we do. The brand adds a sense of supremacy to our business and makes us feel great about what we are doing everyday.

24 Jan 2022
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Being a Which? Trusted Trader has been a valuable endorsement for our LazyLawn network. It instils further trust in our services alongside our award-winning products. Having a Which? best buy product alongside our Which? Trusted Trader endorsement gives our customers peace of mind and confidence in their choice. We use the Which? Trusted Trader logo on our vehicles, workwear, quotations and throughout our PR, marketing and advertising, as it has significant value and is a sign of a quality reputation.

06 Jan 2022
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Vantage Windows & Doors Ltd

Which? is an extremely well respected brand and is synonymous with providing consumers with the best possible advice when deciding upon making a purchase. I immediately saw the benefit of becoming a Which? Trusted Trader.When I say that joining Which? Trusted Traders was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made, I am being completely honest. Which? TT’s account for around 40% - 50% of all of our new business. We have customers who contact us from far away to ask that we fit their windows and doors for them. Our reviews on our Which? TT website are so good and have been so consistent for many years, that it compels customers from far and wide to contact us. On many occasions I have been told by these customers that they will only be getting one quote and that’s from us. The hard work that we have put in over the last 10 years brings its own rewards. We ask every customer how they heard about us and out of all of the possible answers Which? is by far the most common response.

23 Nov 2021
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Ableworld (UK) Limited

Which? is an instantly recognised brand that is trusted by many people. We were keen to become a Trusted Trader as it fits well with the ethics of our business of not pressure selling, and to only sell products that the customer requires. The endorsement gives potential customers the confidence that they are dealing with a reputable retailer.     

The assessment was very detailed, and thorough which is comforting as it shows that Which? Trusted Trader status isn’t given out to any trader, they really need to fit the criteria and be willing to make the changes required for the endorsement.  We feel that the endorsement has had a positive effect on our business, endorsing our business ethics and giving our customers, who many are vulnerable, the confidence to deal with us.

We feel very supported by WTT and the account managers we have had over the years. We have regular check in calls and are advised on how to use the endorsement to its maximum potential. We feel this is unique as we don’t have this with some of the other endorsements we have. We are very proud to be endorsed by WTT and shout about it as much as we can.

03 Nov 2021
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Purdie Worldwide Removals & Storage Limited t/a Matt Purdie & Sons

In my opinion, Which? Trusted Trader is one of the most well known review sites across any industry in the UK. I’ve chosen many a joiner or plumber based on the fact that I saw a sticker on their van and could check them out immediately online at Which?. As the population gets more safety conscious (post-covid) everyone is going to be double checking everything. The first thing a customer would do when looking for any tradesman would be to look at their website and look for reviews. Therefore, being listed on the best review site, and have more reviews than your competition, speaks volumes when a customer is comparing you against a competitor. 

The Which? Trusted Trader process is one of the most in-depth assessments we’ve encountered. I would liken it to something more like a true business inspection. You know that if someone is a Which? Trusted Trader then they must be of a reasonable professional standard. 

After adding in our Which? Trusted Trader widget to our homepage, we saw 1 in 8 people click through to look at our reviews. Almost every single one of these people who clicked through, returned to our site to fill out a form. This means that people are looking at our reviews and choosing to use us based on the good quality of our reviews. In comparison we see 4 times more people from Which? than we do our previous biggest review site! This demonstrates that the Which? Trusted Trader logo is now more trusted and more powerful than the others, including one of the UK’s most popular lead generation and review sites.


03 Sep 2021
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Inspiration Computers Limited

" The Which? brand is strongly associated with trust and quality. We wanted people to know that we could be trusted in an industry that has its fair share of dodgy dealers. The fact that customers know that all the reviews are genuine thanks to their vetting scheme was a huge factor in joining; we knew that this would give customers confidence about coming to us.

We know from talking to customers that people will drive past several computer shops to get to us, thanks to our reviews. PC Pro readers and Google users often go to our profile page to make sure we are genuinely who we say we are.

Our business has increased locally, but also we are increasingly finding people willing to ship their computer to us for repair via courier due to our Which? Trusted Traders reputation. "

19 Jul 2021
Profile thumb sashwindowworkshop

The Sash Window Workshop Trading Ltd

" The Sash Window Workshop was founded on the goal to provide high-quality windows and doors alongside excellent customer service, and we wanted an accreditation that would validate that we do this and because of this, we decided to sign up to Which? Trusted Traders as it is a recognisable brand highlighting top quality products and services.

As a recognised brand, the Which? Trusted Trader scheme is trusted by consumers due to its extensive assessment process and the fact that companies cannot just pay for the accreditation and has helped reassure potential customers that we are a trustworthy company, helping us to win business. "


16 Jul 2021
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Andrew Clarke T/A Sutton Carpet Cleaning

"We wanted to join Which? Trusted Traders so the public can have faith in my work and feel safe I've been checked out. Every potential customer I receive normally chooses me when they know I'm a member of NCCA and Which? Trusted Traders."    

01 Jun 2021